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My process combines photography, printmaking, drawing and installation to create hidden worlds of biological landscapes and scientific abstractions. Intrigued by the scientific process, my work transitions between macro- and micro-cosmic worlds. 

For more than 15 years, I have been documenting the physical nature of light. I am drawn to its’ ephemeral aspects as a means for studying time passage, impermanence and elements of space and chance. Refracting light through various surfaces, I capture its’ transient forms using digital photography. These ethereal images are used in combination with photo-silkscreen, digital techniques and drawing to create water-based screenprints. Focusing on the contrast between darkness and light, I create abstractions of space reminiscent of both natural and human landscapes. 

Exploring the interface between art and science, my images reference medical scans, x-rays and microscopy, as well as celestial bodies. Ambiguity is an intentional component to my work, whereby the viewer connects with it on an aesthetic level, but is unable to fully commit to a singular interpretation. Working frequently in large series, I enjoy creating pieces that connect to one another. By bridging the individual to the collective whole allows for cohesion within disconnected parts; placing importance on each piece to play an essential role.